Noxell LLP presents AV Records Pro – a complete, integrated records management system for digital audio, video and evidence capture and records management for courts.

AV Records Pro consists of the following components:

–             Court Recording System – system for digital multichannel audio and video recording and annotating;

–             Records Management System – records management system (audio, video, text and metadata).

AV Records Pro can be integrated with any third-party case management systems.

Main Functionality AV Records Pro

•             Integration with document management systems;

•             Multichannel digital audio and video recording of court hearings;

•             Audio and video recording of videoconferencing sessions with remote participants of court hearing;

•             Automated annotation using unified templates;

•             Distributed data storage (audio and video records, minutes);

•             Centralized data management;

•             Access to data from any workplace;

•             Data and system functions access management based on user roles and access rights;

•             Ensuring data consistency and integrity, document versioning management;

•             Group shared transcription;

•             Export and import of audio and video records;

•             Online broadcasting of court sessions;

•             Data processing automation: backup, archiving, scheduled data processing tasks;

•             Automated monitoring of system status, event logging, incident notifications by email.

Integration with AV Records Pro

•             Authorized access from external systems for storage and processing of audio and video recordings and minutes;

•             Automation of transcription using speech recognition systems;

•             Import of case metadata from document/case management system (name of case, participants etc.);

•             Possibility to view minutes with synchronized playback of audio – video records in external systems via built-in specialized web-player.