The Court Recording System is an advanced solution designed for Court/Hearing/Meeting Rooms using the cutting-edge technology.

The Court Recording System allows to capture digital multi-channel synchronized audio and video of court proceedings, to make timestamped annotations, to store, access and maintain these court records electronically in a searchable database.

Key Features of Court Recording System

•             Digital 2, 4, 8, 16-channel audio recording

•             Digital SD/HD video recording (optional)

•             Automatic file backup

•             Creation of draft minutes of proceedings based on customizable templates

•             Insertion of timestamped quick notes specifying participants/appearances, trial stage etc. or predefined notes using hot keys

•             Confidence monitoring and low volume detection

•             Speech intelligibility enhancement

•             Comfortable playback features with adjustable playback speed and isolation of selected channel or combination of channels

•             Simultaneous recording and playback

•             USB foot pedal support for playback control

•             Automated replication of recorded data to local, removable, network storage locations

•             Secure archiving

•             Windows 7/8/10 and higher compatible

•             Third party court case management systems integration

Advantages of Court Recording System

•             Complete legitimacy of all electronic documentation and records, their copies provided by digital signature

•             Special editor for composing and customization of unified electronic minutes of proceedings, event logs, annotations of court proceedings

•             Strict security – data protection from modifications and tampering both in the record-mode and in the storage-mode, access restriction, confidentiality

•             Complex voice signal enhancement – noise and interferences reduction

•             Basic PC skills needed for use of the software, no speed typing experience needed

•             Customizable hotkeys for recording, playback

•             Stationary and portable solutions of the court recording system

•             No additional downloads required to playback records

•             Easy installation, training and operation

•             Live group transcribing functionality

•             Free transcriber software